Solid golden Akaija


The Akaija works like a two-way-hatch for energies.
She connects your own energy-system to the cosmic energy field.
So your body system and the universal system can exchange energies.
Compare this with a small stagnant lake filled with stale water. It is suddenly connected to the open sea through a wide channel. The tidal flow enters the lake. Then all the dirt is washed out in no time. Your energy system (the lake) becomes harmonized, cleaned, strengthened, balanced and it starts to resonate with the tidal flows. Your aura, your personal colours brighten. They wake up.
This is what happens once to touch or wear an Akaija.
You may then notice that old physical and emotional wounds or scars blocking this energy are re-activated and being cleared.

Protection against electromagnetic fields
The working of the Akaija as a means to protect against electromagnetic radiation has been scientifically investigated with commonly used hospital equipment, testing the heart rate variability under various circumstances. As a result the Akaija has been granted a certificate by the international Association for Electro-smog Research (IGEF).

Fundamental principle of the Akaija
The Akaija re-members you, that you have never lost connection to All-That-Is.
We are one and always have been one. Separateness is just an illusion.
The Akaija symbolizes Oneness, brings this energy into your system.
Her working is based on re-activating and re-energizing your connection with All, with the Universe, with Creation itself.
It’s this energy that is at work when you wear an Akaija. All reactions as mentioned below are a result on this energy spreading through your system.
The Akaija can also be effective for animals.